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Inno-X GmbH
Tutilostrasse 36b
9011 St. Gallen

T: +41 71 535 30 85
F: +41 43 888 42 50
Monday, 31. March 2014
The MRS Meeting is recognized as the premier technological event by the world’s most influential material science and engineering professionals. This meeting features the very best of interdisciplinary material research in new and emerging areas of science and technology.
Tuesday, 30. April 2013
As an exhibitor of the MS&T‘13 you will benefit from more than 3‘400 attendees interested in products related to the structure, properties, processing and performance of materials. This event covers the breadth of materials science addressing its latest advancements. The MS&T'13 will take place from Oct 29 - 30 in Monteral, CAN. 
Wednesday, 13. June 2012
Inno-X is exhibitor of the Swiss Nanotech Pavilion at Nanotech 2012 in Santa Clara, CA. We will present our heatable primer including the new 200°C version. 
Tuesday, 07. February 2012
Inno-X is exhibiting at the nano tech 2012 in Tokyo. We will present our new IXEMV-35 coating for RF shielding of electronic equipment. IXEMV-35 offers a fast and efficient way to shield electronic equipment by using a conductive paint. 
Thursday, 20. January 2011
Inno-X will present the new high-tech coating IXSG-81 for concrete and stone. The water based coating is highly hydrophobic and therefore will prevent the substrate from soaking and soiling. However, the network structure of the coating still allows moisture to penetrate. 
Friday, 20. August 2010
Inno-X will be part of the Nano Village @ Swisstech 2010. We will present functional coatings and new materials/additives ready for industrial applications.
Swisstech is Europe’s central fair for the subcontracting industries and is taking place from 16 to 19 November 2010 at Messe Basel. 
Tuesday, 09. March 2010
These products of the CarboGran range enable every user and further processor to produce their own stable CNT dispersions of excellent quality by simply mixing them into a matrix system, solvents for instance, or to easily and safely add CNTs to their processing operation - almost as simply as making soluble coffee.  
Monday, 11. January 2010
Inno-X will exhibit at the nano tech 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. The nano tech is the world’s largest exhibition for products and innovations with Nanotechnology. Inno-X will present the Advanced Nanocoating series for wood and mineral surfaces. Inno-X will be part of the SwissPavilion @ nano tech 2010. 
Friday, 30. October 2009
Carbo e-Therm is a high-efficiency, electrically heated coating that consists of an aqueous dispersion on an acrylate base with special carbon nanomaterials. 
Sunday, 25. October 2009
CarboDis was developed to give our customers a form that is as general-purpose as possible for working multi-wall carbon nanotubes into very different hydrous or water-compatible systems. Used as a semi-finished product for varnishing and adhesion, it improves electrical conductivity - compared to systems filled with carbon black and graphite the mechanical properties of plastics can be maintained or even improved.